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Susie Chirafis's blog

8 Apr. 2019 Posted by Susie Chirafis

2019 - Region 10 Competition "Fabulous Weekend"

TWSC competed at Region 10 Competition on March 21-23.  It was a fabulous weekend for us and all the other choruses and quartets.  We finished first with a score of 683!  It was so exciting to give our region a wonderful performance!

There were so many highlights from the weekend including quartets with TWSC members, Mama Made Me Duet and Sheer Bliss that placed 4th and 5th respectively!  Simpatico, Center Stage and the Blue  Baris also competed.  Glitz had to withdraw which was heartbreaking after all their hard work.  Blue Baris were the audience favorite and with good reason-they had such a fun entertaining and amazing performance!

8 Apr. 2019 Posted by Susie Chirafis

TWSC, after Regional, what next? A SHOW!

TWSC, now that you’ve won your regional competition, what next? - A show!