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Susie Chirafis's blog

21 Sep. 2018 Posted by Susie Chirafis

Triple Whammy


Photos courtesy of Laura  DeGraw Photography.

Triple Whammy!!

10 Aug. 2018 Posted by Susie Chirafis

Working with the Best

Our biggest fan, supporter, cheerleader and mentor was in Houston to put us through our paces.  Renee Porzel has been working with us since the early days when TWSC chartered.  Her skills in showmanship have helped us improve our performance to a whole new level.  The energy and drive that Renee brings to our coaching sessions is off the charts-the evening flies by!

My favorite part of working with Renee is her vivid portrayal of character-the key to the best performances.  Her face is just amazing!!  11 weeks to International-Renee gave us a challenge-we can do it!!