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24 May. 2017 Posted by Karla Fenton
If you ever thought barbershop, really? C’mon you don’t seriously participate in something so boring do you? Well, you are seriously misinformed.
At The Woodlands Show Chorus we have just had more excitement in two weeks then you could imagine. Barbershop master, Jim Arns, coached us on May 8. Jim is a master at taking a beautiful piece of music and making it sound exquisite! How he does it is through amazing artistry as he tweaks the nuances of every sound produced by his canvas-in this case TWSC! Together with our wonderful Betty Clipman the masterpiece that is unfolding is exciting and joyful!
Now, that was exciting but then two weeks later we had Renee Porzel in the house! Her talent is phenomenal and she worked with a contingent of over 20 members from our chorus who auditioned for the front row. Congrats to all these ladies for their hard work! The new front row looks great in action! 
Renee did not stop there. Women’s barbershop is a performance art and Renee is a showmanship guru! The whole chorus had the opportunity to work with her May 22. A rehearsal with Renee is a lesson in body language and emotional facial animation. We had so much fun working on the visual part of our art so that the entire masterpiece will be flawless!
When you spend 3 hours on your feet laughing, learning, singing and performing there is such a feeling of accomplishment and you can’t wait to come back for more the next week!! Boring?? No Way!!