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Very Busy September & October!!!

6 Nov. 2017 Posted by Janie Macchiaroli

So much has happened within the last 6 weeks – Hurricane Harvey, its aftermath, International convention, introduction of singing valentines, TWSC’s gearing up for St. Louis, riser placement,  and on and on.


The overriding events relate to Hurricane Harvey. Our chorus members whose homes were flooded are in the process of recovering. Those homes with the most severe damage are mostly in the stage of awaiting FEMA or flood insurance, or other funding. Removal of drywall, flooring, soggy household contents, ruined furniture is done. Volunteer work crews from various churches made the process SO much easier.


A couple of weeks ago, Glitz quartet presented a performance to us that introduced our 2018 Singing Valentines program. They sang really well and described the SV plan in a simple, fun manner. We’re looking forward to creating a bunch of quartets for this purpose and will get to know each other even better in the process! And the SV quartets provide yet another opportunity to improve our vocal skills and our performance abilities. It’s a win-win situation!


On October 23, we were visited by about one dozen guests. We hope they come back next week! We went through a regular rehearsal so they got a realistic view of what they might be getting involved in. A bunch of them expressed interest in returning next week!


In the last 6 weeks, we have welcomed Kate twin sister, Beth, who also passed her audition for the front row. So TWSC now has two sets of sisters in our front row! We also have 3 sets of mother-daughter in our chorus, and finally, a very talented, hard-working 12-year-old just passed her audition with flying colors!


There’s a LOT going on in TWSC.  Come visit us anytime!!!!!!