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6 Nov. 2017 Posted by Janie Macchiaroli

Very Busy September & October!!!

So much has happened within the last 6 weeks – Hurricane Harvey, its aftermath, International convention, introduction of singing valentines, TWSC’s gearing up for St. Louis, riser placement,  and on and on.


The overriding events relate to Hurricane Harvey. Our chorus members whose homes were flooded are in the process of recovering. Those homes with the most severe damage are mostly in the stage of awaiting FEMA or flood insurance, or other funding. Removal of drywall, flooring, soggy household contents, ruined furniture is done. Volunteer work crews from various churches made the process SO much easier.


6 Jul. 2017 Posted by Karla Fenton

We Are Patriots!

On June 14, Kathleen Hamilton, State District Judge of the 359th Judicial District, invited us to sing for the Veteran’s Treatment Court’s 2nd Anniversary in the Montgomery County Courthouse.  We sang in a small room full of people, many of whom were veterans.  It was a pleasure and a privilege to help these men and women celebrate the second anniversary of this great program. The emotion was palpable as the audience joined in to sing God Bless the USA!  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

 When you have an opportunity to share your gift of music with people that have given you the gift of freedom the joy is unsurpassed!