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Karla Fenton's blog

3 Apr. 2015 Posted by Karla Fenton

Before Regional Contest - Dress Rehearsal for Friends & Family

On March 16, the members of TWSC were honored and pleased to have a houseful of guests in our rehearsal hall. The event to be celebrated: our dress rehearsal for the upcoming Region 10 convention and competition on March 26 – 28. We rehearsed -- almost as normal – until 8:00 pm. 


Then we changed into our stage costumes, shoes, etc. This was all very helpful as part of our preparation to compete. At 8:30 pm, we took the stage (got on the risers) and established our mental focus for the performance.  We sang “Gee Its Good to Be Here” to say “hello” to our guests. Then we sang our two competition songs: “Love Letters” and “Sweet Georgia Brown”. The audience applause was enthusiastic and joyful – just what we wanted!


3 Mar. 2015 Posted by Karla Fenton

Friends & Family Performance

Come one, come all on Monday evening, March 16th!! One and all are invited to join The Woodlands Show Chorus that evening to enjoy our Friends & Family night.  The purpose of F&F night is for the chorus to perform our two contest songs for a “live” audience. We spend most of our rehearsals with stop’s and start’s, repeating various phrases until we conquer a vocal technique, or achieve a planned dynamic change and so on. Performing for an audience helps us to prepare for the adrenalin rush that floods a performer’s body when performing for an honest-to-goodness audience. You would be doing us a favor by attending and giving us your reaction to our performance (which we hope would be applause!).